Telema WebBuyer allows to create and send electronic orders, as well as receive invoices in Telema Portal.

The product is meant for smaller shops and HoReCa companies, who have quite small document flow or an ERP software that is not capable of exporting and/or importing data.

Product functionality lets you create orders based on suppliers’ product and price data.

It is also possible to use order templates that make sending repetitive orders really fast and easy.

You can send orders 24/7 to all WebShop suppliers — suppliers who are using Telema WebShop product — from one place.


  • Comply with your supplier's requirements — in case the supplier demands EDI documents.
  • Allows to use EDI services even if:
    • your ERP software does not support electronic document exchange and/or
    • it is not reasonable to built an EDI connection into your software and/or
    • your company does not have an ERP software at all.
  • EDI transactions can be accessed via any broadband internet connection — enabling to process documents anytime or anywhere.
  • No additional software or hardware is needed to get started — potentially saving you upfront capital.

    • Ordering process is fast and simple.
    • You can use one username and password to log in and order from many suppliers.
    • Orders can be sent 24/7.
    • Orders are created based on supplier's product and price lists.
    • Orders can be created also from order templates that are based on previously saved orders. Using templates reduces the time spent on order creation and leads to more convenient creation of repetitive orders.
    • To start ordering you only need to sign a contract with Telema.