Telema WebShop


Telema WebShop is a fully functional B2B web-based online store, which allows to collect orders from small retailers and HoReCa companies. Telema WebShop enables customers to shop regardless the opening hours or staff availability of the sales company.

The company’s business customers can start ordering right away after signing a contract with Telema. The service does not require any additional software or technical development implementations from customers’ side. Telema WebShop is accessible to all registered users from any computer with Internet connection.


Value for the supplier

  • Order processing takes much less time.
  • Orders are more accurate as they are based on product and price data in company’s own ERP software.
  • The workload of sales assistants is reduced and the quality of customer service improved.
  • Double entry of data is eliminated for EDISupplier user, because orders are imported automatically into company’s ERP software.
  • Orders are received more evenly that enables to streamline warehouse procedures and deliver goods on time.
  • Telema WebShop is a cost-effective solution for the supplier’s company. 

How it works


Sales orders: receive orders from customers.

Sales invoices: send invoices to customers.

Customers and contacts: view the list of customers and their contact details.

Sales monitoring: view the list of orders and invoices by customers by different time periods.

Products: publish and view product lists in Telema Portal; product groups.

Prices: publish and view price lists in Telema Portal; customer-specific price lists; discounts.

Assortments: use customer-specific assortments.

Search by customers, products, orders

Fully integrated with EDI services           

Multi-currency support


Manage users’ settings: authorization levels

Document and list printouts
Standard storage of transferred documents for 30 days,

additional archiving time can be ordered

Customer-specific solutions

Our services are developing with our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss additional functionality required. We will find a solution together.

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