Telema eFlow


Telema eFlow

Telema eFlow is a solution for cost allocation and electronic approval of purchase invoices. 

Telema eFlow automates and simplifies the entire invoice management process for accounts payable operation bringing immediate efficiency, control and savings.

Invoice handling process

It takes 30 minutes to process a paper invoice.

Processing an e-invoice* is six times faster and costs 60-80% less (Bruno Koch, Billentis)

* E-invoice is an invoice that is issued, received and processed electronically. It is digital from the moment of creation in the issuer’s ERP throughout the receiving and processing by the recipient.

Functionalities of Telema eFlow 

Telema eFlows enables to handle all expense invoices, may they be issued on paper, as PDF-files or as real e-invoices. Telema eFlow makes the expense invoice handling process much faster and more transparent.

E-invoicing mailbox
The mailbox function enables to receive e-invoices from vendors in Telema network. Thanks to the roaming agreement between the Estonian e-invoicing operators e-invoices can be received also from roaming networks. The incoming documents are automatically validated by Telema system, for instance, if they include all the required fields and do not contain logic errors in dates or totals.

To handle PDF- and paper invoices the data must first be entered to the system. Convenient entry form has several prefilled fields, such as vendor's delivery terms or reference number. The entry form can equally be used for entering other documents, expense or travel reports, for example.

If you prefer to outsource the digitalization services of PDF- and paper invoices, Telema partners, Omniva or Fitek, can help.

Electronic invoice approval workflow
The workflow includes company's employees responsible for cost allocation and approval. In Telema eFlow you can either set a new workflow for each invoice or use one of the previously set workflows. The workflow for recurring invoices can be set automatically.

Automatic cost allocation
The cost allocation can be set according to company's needs (projects, departments, employees etc). Recurring invoices can have automatic cost allocation rules. After the approval, invoice data and coding information will be automatically sent from Telema eFlow to company's ERP.


Cloud archiving
Cloud archiving is a supplement service for e-invoice archiving. The archiving process happens automatically after the approved invoice is sent to ERP. The purchase invoices are archived for the period required by law (in Estonia 7 years).

Convenient for Manager
  • Faster approving of purchase invoices
  • Invoice approval regardless of the location
  • Better cash flow insight
  • Easy access to invoices

Valuable for Accountant
  • Faster processing of purchase invoices
  • Better purchase invoice process visibility
  • Increased accuracy in invoice handling
  • Quicker closing of books

Profitable for Company
  • Efficiency gains (less manual work)
  • Avoid penalties for late payments
  • Lower archiving cost
  • Secure and transparent invoice processing
Beneficial for Everyone
  • Greener environment
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Increased efficiency for all stakeholders

How to get Telema eFlow?

  • First contact
    If you are interested, let us know:
    +372 651 0650 |
    or fill the form below.

  • Meeting
    Let us meet to understand better your needs and introduce our solution 

  • Offer
    We will prepare and send an offer that suits your needs 

  • Demonstration
    The demonstration allows your company's key users to get acquainted with Telema eFlow and try the specifics of your accounting in the system. 

  • Agreement
    Parties will sign Telema Service Agreement. 

  • Integration
    Telema and your ERP support company will set up the connection between your ERP and Telema system. The connection is needed for automatic sending of the accounting entry data from Telema eFlow to your ERP.

  • Training
    We provide thorough training to companies' key users. Short approval training for all users is available upon request. 

  • Vendor onboarding 
    In e-invoicing projects vendor onboarding is the key to success. The bigger the proportion of e-invoices the more efficient is the whole invoice handling process.

  • 100% paper free purchase invoice handling 

Solutions matching with Telema eFlow:

Telema eInvoicing - solution for sending e-invoices to your business partners, including public sector institutions.
Estonian e-invoicing operators have signed a roaming agreement. You can send e-invoices through Telema to partners using other operators' services. Your e-invoices are always transferred through secure channels, regardless of which e-invoicing operator's services the recipients are using.

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