June 19, 2018
19.06.2018 Aibė 900 shops now able to join Telema EDI network
Telema and Aibė have signed a strategic partnership agreement to promote electronic data interchange in retail business. UAB "Aljansas AIBĖ" is the largest alliance of Lithuanian and Latvian trade companies, connecting more than 200 entities that manage over 900 stores. Aibė members and their suppliers can now start exchanging electronic documents more efficiently. The first chains to join are UAB “Aibės prekyba” and UAB “Redstena”.
May 16, 2018
16.05.2018 Meet Robin – accountant’s virtual assistant
Accountant’s virtual assistant Robin has joined the Telema team. He is helping accountants to retrieve purchase invoice data,  also CFOs to automate even the most detailed cost allocation. Moreover, Robin may be taught to automatically assign invoices to specific approval workflows and to even approve recurring invoices.
January 17, 2018
17.01.2018 Telema customers have created 100 000 EDI connections
At the beginning of January an important milestone was reached. Over 100 000 EDI connections have been created among the customers of the Baltics' biggest EDI operator Telema. EDI connections ensure the smooth flow of goods from suppliers to the shops.
December 13, 2017
13.12.2017 Telema and Fitek cooperation gives a boost to e-invoicing in Latvia
E-invoice operators Telema and Fitek Latvija agreed on a strategic partnership making borderless e-invoicing available for their clients. While until recently, e-invoicing was limited to business partners inside one network, now Telema and Fitek Latvija networks are joined through the roaming agreement.
October 26, 2017
26.10.2017 Telema's first customer in Belgium: Grandeco

The leading EDI operator in Baltic states Telema signed a new customer contract with a global wallpaper producer Grandeco, who became the first customer in Belgium for Telema.

September 30, 2017
27.09.2017 Navisoft becomes Telema Certified Partner
Telema issued its partner certificate to 33rd ERP provider - Navisoft SIA. The young IT company is the first supporting MS Dynamics NAV in Latvia to receive Telema Certified Partner status.
July 07, 2017
07.07.2017 Fujitsu Estonia receives Telema Certified Partner certificate
Fujitsu Estonia is one of the five Telema Certified Partners who support users of MS Dynamics NAV software.
February 16, 2017
16.02.2017 Baltic retail sector exchanges over 30 million e-documents annually
While there is a some controversy in other sectors regarding compulsory e-invoicing, retail and logistics sector do not need regulations to use e-documents. Replacing thousands of papers, removing manual entry and human mistakes from the process just pays off. In 2016, retailers and suppliers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania exchanged more than 30 million e-documents.
December 29, 2016
29.12.2016 Telema Infoletter brings you fresh knowledge
Find out what's new in EDI and e-invoicing market, who are promoting electronic data interchange and what's up with Telema team. Wishing you interesting reading and a Happy New Year!
September 30, 2016
30.09.2016 Proact to offer managed infrastructure to Telema
Proact will provide leading Baltic EDI and e-invoicing services provider, Telema, with new managed infrastructure, which will deliver business critical services to more than 1,000 customers. The new infrastructure will support the fast growth of Telema's business and customer base by providing a reliable and scalable solution.
June 29, 2016
29.06.2016 Telema Newsletter is now online!
How much can cities of Tallinn and Vilnius save? How to onboard e-invoicing partners? Who are the newcomers to Telema EDI network? What did Pure Distribution achieve with Telema EDI? Find out this and much more interesting stories in the freshest Telema Newsletter.
May 12, 2016
12.05.2015 Aptus Group OÜ receives Telema Certified Partner status
Aptus Group OÜ is the 30th Telema Certified Partner and the fifth to support users of MS Dynamics NAV software. The development of Telema EDI Module in the popular Microsoft ERP was initally carried out by four Estonian support companies: BCS Itera, Columbus, HÄT Systems and Fujitsu. 
April 21, 2016
21.04.2016 RV Soft receives Telema Certified Partner status
At the end of March 2016, Telema awarded its long time partner, Estonian software provider RV Soft, with the official Telema Certified Partner status.  RV Soft successfully implemented Telema EDI functionality into their supported software Balanss+. 
April 05, 2016
05.04.2016 New Telema eDoc version 3.0.0
New version of Telema eDoc is now released. The new release 3.0.0 was changed according to Estonian e-invoice standard to serve better Estonian public sector. It also contains new document types that enable our customers to use Telema eFlow.
April 01, 2016
01.04.2016 Telema will install state-of-the-art e-invoicing machines
Today, on April 1, 2016, Telema will start installing e-invoicing machines to public spaces across Baltic States.The project was inspired by the state initiative to make e-invoicing mandatory in the upcoming years. E-invoicing machines will make the modern e-invoicing technology disposable to all businesses and private persons. The project is expected to be especially helpful in the remote regions where the use of Internet is not that common.
March 31, 2016
31.03.2016 Baltic retail: 50 million e-documents in 5 years
In February 2016, Telema EDI System transferred the 50 millionth e-document since 2011, when the updated EDI system was launched. The 50 millionth document was a sales invoice sent by an Estonian supplier Salonshop to Lithuanian retailer Rimi. Telema transfers and processes electronic documents exchanged by more than 3800 shops and over 1200 suppliers in the Baltics
March 01, 2016
01.03.2016 Updated Telema General Terms
Telema amended the General Terms and Conditions of Telema Service Contract. The new terms are effective as of today, 01.03.2016.
January 25, 2016
25.01.2016 Telema is a member of INFOBALT in Lithuania
In January 2016, Telema joined Lithuanian ICT association INFOBALT with the aim of spreading EDI knowledge on the market. Experience sharing now is vital, since Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate is about to lauch their paperless tax administration project i.MAS.
January 21, 2016
21.01.2016 Telema strengthens relations with 1C in Latvia 
In the second half of 2015, Telema signed three new cooperation agreements with Latvian IT-companies supporting 1C business software. Telema Certified Partners became Avantime SIA, Onetec SIA and Smart Business Solutions SIA. Together with Elmi SIA and Fastsoft SIA, the other franchisees of 1C software in the Baltics, Telema now has partner relations with five 1C support companies.
January 14, 2016
14.01.2016 SIA Latinsoft becomes Telema Certified Partner
In December 2015, Telema issued another partner certificate to SIA LatInSoft, one of the leading IT-companies in Latvian easternmost region Latgale. SIA Latinsoft earned the certificate by integrating Telema EDI Module into their ERP GrinS 5. All users of that software have now effortless and cost efficient access to Telema EDI services.
January 12, 2016
12.01.2016 Columbus Eesti AS becomes Telema Certified Partner
Columbus Eesti AS is the third IT-company in Estonia, supporting MS Dynamics NAV, who gets certified by Telema. Earlier in 2015, Telema Certified Partners became MS Dynamics NAV support firms BCS Itera and HÄT Systems.
December 31, 2015
31.12.2015 Telema Newsletter 12-2015 is online!
Featuring hot topics on EDI and e-invoicing, Telema products and services as well as Telema people. Do not forget to check out customer experience in Telema customer stories.  Pick your favourite from the table of contents - happy reading!
October 14, 2015
14.10.2015 Access to Telema EDI through 1C software widens via FastSoft
Telema, the most experienced EDI operator in the Baltics, certified SIA FastSoft, one of the 1C software support companies in Latvia. 1C has been one of the preferred software on the Latvian market for years. More and more 1C software users have now easy access to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
September 30, 2015
30.09.2015 Leading Lithuanian software Pragma enables easy access to Telema EDI
From September 2015 partnership between the leading EDI operator in the Baltics Telema AS and one of the biggest software providers in Lithuania Proringas UAB enables easy access to Electronic Data Interchange. Lithuanian businesses using software Pragma can now start exchanging e-invoices and other electronic documents faster and more affordably.
September 04, 2015
04.09.2015 The latest Telema Certified Partner is Astro Baltics OÜ
Astro Baltics' customers, those using the ERP NOOM, can now easily access Telema EDI services through their business software. The EDI services are made accessible by the Telema EDI Module developed by Astro Baltics OÜ.
June 26, 2015
26.06.2015 Telema Newsletter 06-2015 is online!
The freshest issue of the Telema Newsletter gives an overview of the EDI market, Telema product developments, client service and partnership news. Starting from this issue the newsletter features Telema customer stories - this time about a Lithuanian supplier Dreigsas UAB. You will also find the traditional section about the interesting activities of Telema people. Have an interesting summer reading!
June 02, 2015
01.06.2015 HÄT Systems OÜ is now official Telema Certified Partner
Telema EDI services are now easily accessible via MS Dynamics NAV 2015 software supported by HÄT Systems.
The latest version of the popular Microsoft Dynamics business software has an in built Telema EDI Module.
April 23, 2015
23.04.2015 Latvian business software providers favor Telema EDI
Business software providers in Latvia are responding to market needs by integrating easy electronic data interchange (EDI) accessibility. Since 2014, Telema, the most experienced EDI operator in the Baltics, has certified five new software partners in Latvia. The newest Telema Certified Partners are SIA Assako Smart and SIA Batsoft.
April 06, 2015
02.04.2015 Batsoft SIA gets official Telema Certified Partner status
The most modern software developed and supported by Batsoft, Kentaurs Integra, now enables easy access to Telema EDI services.
March 31, 2015
31.03.2015 Telema: 13 million e-documents in Baltic retail
In 2015, Baltic trade sector is expected to exchange at least 13 million e-documents. Telema’s forecast is based on the firm decision by Estonian authorities to make the transition to e-invoicing mandatory by the end of 2016. Companies are initiating organizational changes already now to be ready to comply with the new regulations.
March 21, 2015
19.03.2015 E-document solutions as means to improve processes in the supply chain
Telema presented at the seminar organized by Lithuanian Innovation and Quality Management Association (LKVIA). The event in Kaunas was dedicated to different aspects of EDI - solutions, legal regulations and practical requirements. More than 70 participants appreciated both the theory as well as the real-life examples given on the topics.
February 27, 2015
27.02.2015 Assako Smart SIA reiceives Telema Certified Partner's status
Telema EDI services are now easily accessible via Latvian business software WinLats. Provider of the software, Assako Smart SIA, officially became Telema Certified Partner on February 26, 2015.
February 13, 2015
13.02.2015 Telema EDI services now easily accessible via software Tildes Jumis
On February 3, 2015 IT company Tilde was awarded with the status of Telema Certified Partner. Software Tildes Jumis now has an integrated Telema EDI Module. This means that thousands of software Tildes Jumis users can now start receiving orders and sending invoices directly from their accounting program.
February 04, 2015
04.02.2015 Telema joined LKVIA
Since January 20, 2015 Telema is a member of LKVIA - Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation.
December 29, 2014
29.12.2014 Telema Newsletter 12-2014 is online!
The freshest issue of the Telema Newsletter gives an overview of the EDI market in Baltics. You can also read about Telema product developments, client service and partnership news. This issue features many interesting facts about Telema people.
December 22, 2014
22.12.2014 Working hours of the Telema Customer Support during the holiday season:

October 15, 2014
15.10.2014 Telema's monthly EDI document volume surpassed 1 000 000
In September 2014, the number of electronic documents via Telema network exceeded one million. During past 10 years Telema has experienced remarkable growth. In 2004, it took a whole year to get million documents circulated, today this volume is reached in one month only.
October 09, 2014
09.10.2014 Telema and Elmi provide integrated EDI in software 1C
1C software users have now easy access to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Telema, the most experienced EDI operator in the Baltics, awarded  on September 16th, 2014 SIA Elmi Telema Certified Partner status.
June 30, 2014
30.06.2014 Telema Newsletter vol.1 2014 is now published!
The freshest issue of Telema Newsletter gives an overview of EDI trends in the World and developments in the Baltic market. You can also read about Telema product developments, client service and partnership news.
June 02, 2014
28.05.2014 Telema partners with Finvalda to spread EDI in Lithuania
Telema established a partnership with one of the biggest software providers in Lithuania Finansu Valdymo Sistemos UAB  enabling all clients of Finvalda business software to start using e-invoices and other EDI documents simpler, faster and affordably.
May 26, 2014
22.05.2014 Telema hosted a seminar in Vilnius on Maxima EDI connection
More than 50 representatives of Maxima's top suppliers attended a seminar that explained the retailer's new 4 document supply process. Telema explained the role of EDI operator and presented several solutions that would help suppliers to comply with retailer's requirements. Participants appreciated Maxima's presentation about the new B2B process. Long Q&A session provided answers to several important issues.
May 05, 2014
02.05.2014 Effortless Telema EDI connection in all three Baltic states via Directo
Last week Telema signed a Certified Partner agreement with Directo UAB. Directo is the first software support company that has Telema Certified Partner status in all Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
April 28, 2014
28.04.2014 New functionality in Telema Service Web - credit invoices
In addition to regular invoices it is now possible to create also credit invoices in Telema Service Web. The new functionality is available for all suppliers who invoice their customers via Telema's web environment.
April 10, 2014
08.04.2014 Telema's newest Certified Partner is Directo SIA
The cooperation agreement between Telema and Directo in Latvia was signed this week. All Latvian companies using Directo business software can now activate e-document exchange with their partners as fast as during one business day.
March 31, 2014
31.03.2014 Lithuanian IT companies are keen to learn about EDI
Last week Telema breakfast seminar in Vilnius gathered more than 30 representatives of ERP support companies. Electronic Data Interchange is currently one of the hottest issues for the trade companies in Lithuania. IT specialists were interested to learn more on what is EDI, which are the standards and technical solutions, and most importantly, how to help customers to easily implement it.
March 24, 2014
24.03.2014 E-skills week in Latvia
Telema joined a group of progressive companies and public sector institutions in organizing the E-skills week in Latvia. The campaign empowers people and organizations to use technology and promotes skills that allow to benefit from online electronic communication.
March 13, 2014
13.03.2014 Breakfast seminar for IT companies in Vilnius
Lithuanian ERP support companies are cordially invited to a breakfast seminar in Vilnius on March 26, 2014. The main topic of the event will be how IT companies can make integration with electronic data interchange for their clients fast, easy and cost efficient.
March 05, 2014
04.03.2014 Telema at the Lithuanian Trade Forum 2014
On March 4th all the decision makers of Lithuanian trade and retail sector gathered at the annual Prekybos Forumas in Litexpo Center in Vilnius.
February 28, 2014
27.02.2014 Breakfast seminar: Do not miss the fast EDI train!
In the seminar Telema addressed IT-companies with latest developments and market trends of e-invoicing in the World and in the Baltics. The main goal was to demonstrate how ERP support companies can make integration with electronic data interchange for their clients fast, easy and cheaper.
February 19, 2014
19.02.2014 In 2013 the volume of e-invoices in Baltic retail increased by 25%
Close to 10 million EDI documents were transferred by Telema in 2013 between Baltic retailers and suppliers. The document volume grew 25% compared to previous year. The annual paper savings generated by Telema customers using EDI documents instead of paper documents equated to 370 tons of wood, saving  2 580 trees.
January 09, 2014
09.01.2014 Roaming of e-invoices in Estonia a reality: Telema is now connected to Opus Capita and Estonian E-invoicing Centre
In December 2013 Telema signed cooperation agreements with local EDI operators Estonian E-invoicing Centre and Opus Capita (formerly Itella Information).  The roaming enables easy transfer of e-invoices to the public sector organizations in Estonia.
December 30, 2013
30.12.2013 New Telema eDoc version 2.8.4
Another new eDoc release was published. Version 2.8.4 carries significant updates for meeting the SEPA  requirements and clients' specifications.
December 20, 2013
20.12.2013 Telema Newsletter 2013-02 published!
The freshest issue of Telema Newsletter gives an overview of EDI trends in the World, market developments in the Baltics, Telema service developments and partnership news.
December 17, 2013
17.12.2013 Nordea adopted Telema eFactoring solution
In Fall 2013, Nordea Finance Estonia started to offer its factoring customers Telema eFactoring solution. The service automates submission of invoices and makes the handling process faster and more convenient for the clients.
December 11, 2013
11.12.2013 Estonian Telema MMT now in use also in Finland
In December, the first company in Finland, Sirowa Nordic Cosmetics, started to use Telema MMT - an Estonian sales force automation solution for trade companies whose sales agents make client visits and collect orders. In the Baltic States more than 30 companies with over 250 sales agents are successfully working with Telema MMT.
December 02, 2013
28.11.2013 Morning seminar explaining EDI benefits in Šiauliai
Last week Telema continued its popular morning seminar series in Šiauliai, Lithuania. The event explained the benefits and latest solutions of electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions.
November 18, 2013
14.11.2013 Telema at the ECR Baltic Forum 2013.
On November 13-14, Telema participated in the annual ECR Baltic Forum, this year held in Tallinn. The ECR Baltic Forum is the biggest event in the Baltics that gathers professionals of retail and consumer goods industry. This year, over 150 delegates attended the forum.
November 12, 2013
12.11.2013 Telema supports the new innovation and business centre Mektory
MEKTORY, abbreviation of Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organization For You, is an organization for contemporary knowledge transfer in science. Their new 4,450 m² four-storey building on campus of Tallinn University of Technology, opened today, is a network of different test laboratories, workshops, demo studios of companies, an exhibition and conference hall, theme studios of cultures of different countries and the Energy Discovery Centre.
November 06, 2013
06.11.2013 The best young programmers work at Telema
Vahur Kaar, Junior Developer at Telema, was a member of the best Estonian team to participate in a global marathon of coding IEEExtreme 7.0.
October 10, 2013
10.10.2012 Telema participated at the Annual Trade Congress in Estonia
On October 9th, 2013 leaders and decision makers of the Estonian trade companies gathered at the Annual Trade Congress organized by Äripäev. Telema was there to spread information on electronic data interchange by handing out materials and explanations.
September 18, 2013
18.09.2013 Telema and Omnitel start cooperation
Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) operator Telema and mobile operator Omnitel start cooperation in Lithuania. The agreement covers joint marketing and sales activities of value added services for business clients.
September 16, 2013
16.09.2013 New Telema eDoc version 2.8.3
Telema has released a new eDoc version 2.8.3 that carries several significant updates and meets all the recent user requirements.

September 16, 2013
12.09.2013 Business breakfast and seminar - how to reduce manual work and save 5000 EUR?
Last week Telema organized a morning seminar in Vilnius explain the latest electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. After Riga, this was a second event in the successful morning event series this year.
August 13, 2013
13.08.2013 Telema Certified Partner programme acquires new members
Telema signed cooperation agreement with ERP providers Eurotec Infosüsteemide OÜ and Tresoor Tarkvara OÜ. Business softwares MoxWare and Tresoor now enable their clients easy access to Telema EDI network providing a kick-start to electronic document interchange.
July 18, 2013
18.07.2013 Telema Newsletter 2013 first issue is published!
You are welcome to read the first issue of Telema Newsletter 2013 giving overview of EDI trends in the World, market developments in the Baltics, Telema service developments and partnership news.
July 10, 2013
10.07.2013 Two new partners certified: Excellent Business Solutions and Directo
Telema has good news for all companies using Hansa and Directo softwares - they now have fast and easy access to EDI services.
June 18, 2013
13.06.2013 Business breakfast and seminar - what is new in EDI and SFA?
Last week Telema organized a morning seminar in Riga to discuss the latest developments in electronic document interchange and to introduce the newest sales force automation solutions.
May 15, 2013
15.05.2013 New Telema eDoc version 2.8.2
The latest Telema eDoc version 2.8.2 has been released, taking into account all the recent requests and needs of our end-users.
April 01, 2013
01.04.2013 Telema VMI Automatic Replenishment Order saves a lot of manual work

February 27, 2013
27.02.2013 Easier e-invoicing with Telema EDI Module in 9 ERP systems
Since the beginning of the year Telema, the leading EDI operator in the Baltics has signed three new cooperation agreements with IT-companies. As a result the clients of New Vision, Nixor and Vallaste&Partners are able to commence with e-document exchange faster and with less cost and effort.
February 14, 2013
14.02.2012 Telema commenced with e-document traffic between A le Coq and one of the biggest retailer in the Baltics.
Yesterday the first EDI orders from retail chain were sent to A le Coq, one of the biggest beverage producers in Estonia.
January 31, 2013
31.01.2013 Telema got a high AA rating from Krediidiinfo
Krediidiinfo AS, member of Experian Group, awarded Telema with a high AA credit rating and a Certificate of a Successful Estonian Company 2012.
January 29, 2013
24.01.2013 Telema participated in the App-conference “The Opportunities of Mobile Applications” hosted by Äripäev
On January 24th, Telema presented Telema MMT, a mobile sales solution for retail suppliers to drive sales and better manage sales team, to the hundred or so delegates of the App-conference hosted by Äripäev. 
December 31, 2012
31.12.2012 Telema Newsletter 2012 published!
You are welcome to read the  Telema Newsletter 2012 giving overview of EDI market in the Baltics, Telema highlights, as well as product developments and partnership news.
December 13, 2012
13.12.2012 Telema got high results on Net Promoter Score
Results of Telema’s annual customer satisfaction survey were received in December. This year there were replies from close to 500 respondents. The average rating of clients on a scale 0-10 was 7,9 and nearly half of the respondents scored Telema 9 or 10, meaning that they would highly recommend the company’s services to a friend or colleague. The NPS (net promoter score) calculated as a result was 30 that is among the best in the Baltics.
December 06, 2012
04.12.2012 Seminars for IT Partners in Estonia
In November 2012 Telema organized a series of seminars for its IT partners in Estonia. The aim of the events was to share experiences about our latest project developments and to give further information on Telema Certified Partners programme.
November 22, 2012
13.11.2012 A new tradition was born - MIT Beergame at TUT
Telema helped Tallinn University of Technology to organize a world famous MIT Beergame for first year Supply Chain Management masters students. The success of the event set grounds for a new annual tradition.
November 12, 2012
08.11.2012 Telema participated in the ECR Baltic Forum 2012.
On November 7-8, Telema was represented at the annual ECR Baltic Forum, this year held in Vilnius. The ECR Baltic Forum is the biggest event in the Baltics that gathers professionals of retail and consumer goods industry.
November 07, 2012
06.11.2012 Telema WebSupplier 4doc was awarded with the II-III prize of Logistics Act of the Year 2012 in Estonia. It is an annual award given already 11th year to the most influential improvement in logistics during the year.

October 19, 2012
17.10.2012 Telema participated in the Annual Trade Congress hosted by Äripäev
On October 17th, majority of Estonian trade organizations gathered in Tallinn to meet for the Annual Trade Congress. Telema representatives were there to share our news and discuss latest developments.
September 21, 2012
21.09.2012 Telema eDoc version 2.7.0 is out

We would like to inform you that a new version of Telema eDoc specification was introduced recently due to requests and needs of our joint End Users.

Latest version number is now 2.7.0.

August 29, 2012
30.08.2012 Lithuanian Rivile and Estonian Telema connect 8000 companies for EDI
The leading EDI operator in the Baltics Telema and the leading business software provider in Lithunia Rivilė formed a partnership, enabling all Rivilė's customers to start using e-invoices and other EDI documents faster and more economically.
February 09, 2012
17.01.2012 Telema Newsletter for year 2011 published

January 14, 2012
30.12.2011 One of the biggest retailers in Baltics chose Telema as their partner in EDI pilot project

At the end of the last year, the retailer finally started their long-awaited EDI project – until then they sent all orders to suppliers by e-mail. As the partner of this pilot project in the Baltics they chose Telema and the first partners they are going to exchange documents with are the companies belonging to Telema’s client Vaasan Grupp – Leibur in Estonia, Hanzas Maiznica in Latvia and Vilniaus Duona in Lithuania.

January 14, 2012
21.12.2011 Annual Conference of Logistics and „the Beer Game“

In the Annual Conference of Logistics of 2011, „Rough Games,“ Telema conducted a game about the management of supply chain processes called MIT Beer Game.

January 14, 2012
07.12.2011 Telema joined ITL

Telema joined Estonian Association of  Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL).

December 01, 2011
01.12.2011 Telema introduced new EDI system

First day of December is a day when all our customers have been moved over to Telema new generation EDI system.

September 27, 2011
22.09.2011 Estonian e-invoices market, an article by news2biz

September 26, 2011
26.09.2011 Telema partners with Latvian software provider Ankravs to expedite e-invoice penetration in Latvia
The leading EDI operator in the Baltics Telema and the leading business software provider in Latvia Ankravs established a partnership last week, enabling all Ankravs' customers to start using e-invoices and other EDI documents faster and more economically.
September 21, 2011
05.09.2011 Telema and KMA started to cooperate

Telema started the collaboration with KMA to develop the Android version of our sales force automation service application Telema MMT.

May 23, 2011
18.05.2011 EDI document traffic increased 32% in 2010
Telema AS, the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, transferred and processed about 5,4 million EDI documents in 2010, which is 32% more than in 2009. EDI documents are the electronic documents that are used in trade transactions (e.g. orders, invoices, despatch advices) and can be processed by computers.
April 07, 2011
24.03.2011 Telema @ Logistics Seminar 2011

The Logistics Seminar of 2011 took place on 24-25 March in Pärnu.

The event carried the title „BE wise, THINK twice – ACT technologically“.
March 14, 2011
17.03.2011 The seminar about e-invoices in Tallinn

The Estonian Training- and Conference Center is organizing a seminar about e-invoicing next week, where the representatives of Telema will also be present.

January 08, 2011
31.12.2010 Telema Newsletter 12-2010 published!
Long-awaited Telema Newsletter was published on New Year's Eve, on 31.12.2010. In total, 18 topics are covered, bringing to readers the most important events and achievements of year 2010 for Telema.
December 21, 2010
20.12.2010 After Coca-Cola joining Telema, over 95% of FMCG business is covered in Estonia
December 01, 2010
11.11.2010 Telema participated in ECR Baltic Annual Forum
In November 2010, Telema participated again at the ECR Baltic Annual Forum. It is the biggest annual event in retail and logistics field in Baltics, where interesting presentations are heard and experiences exchanged.  
May 18, 2010
18.05.2010 Telema: EDI document traffic grew over 50% in 2009

December 01, 2009
01.12.2009 Telema new clients from France, Poland, Greece and Netherlands, growth +70%

August 31, 2009
31.08.2009 More than 10 000 e-documents transferred daily by Telema
In August 2009, the daily amount of electronic trade documents 
(e.g., orders, invoices) surpassed 10 000 for the first time. Telema, 
the biggest EDI operator in the Baltic States, exchanged over 320 
thousand e-documents in August. The growth in traffic is a result of 
both new clients joining the network as well as existing clients 
becoming more active.
June 11, 2009
11.06.2009 Tieto and Telema form partnership to streamline supply chain processes

February 02, 2009
02.02.2009 New managing director of Telema is Hele Hammer and Sales Director is Mati Maasik
From February the 1st, the new managing director of Telema is Hele Hammer and Sales Director is Mati Maasik. Telema?s current CEO Toomas Veersoo will continue from as the chairman of the supervisory board, 
focusing on development of services and infrastructure.
May 30, 2008
Rimi affiliates in Baltic States have signed cooperation agreements with Telema AS
Rimi Baltic AB affiliates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have signed the EDI cooperation agreements with Telema AS.