July 07, 2017
07.07.2017 Fujitsu Estonia receives Telema Certified Partner certificate
Fujitsu Estonia is one of the five Telema Certified Partners who support users of MS Dynamics NAV software.
The development of Telema EDI Module in the popular Microsoft ERP was initally carried out by four Estonian support companies: BCS Itera, Columbus, HÄT Systems and Fujitsu.

Through Telema EDI Module in MS Dynamics NAV 2015 the access to Telema EDI services becomes much more convenient and user friendly. The in-built module, as simple as Internet bank, enables software users to receive electronic orders and receive advices directly in their ERP. The same module allows to send electronic invoices and despatch advices. Telema EDI module facilitates also receiving, sending and handling of expense invoices.
The use of e-documents accelerates many supply chain and financial processes, because repetitive manual data entry is eliminated. The less there is human intervention, the less there are mistakes. All this helps companies to save both time and money.

For Fujitsu's clients the standard Telema EDI Module activation in the MS Dynamics NAV2015 takes up to 10 working days and costs up to 1 500 €. In addition, the companies need to pay Microsoft licence fee. For more advanced purchase and sales process activation, please consult Telema and Fujitsu's experienced specialists.

Take a closer look at the Telema Certified Partners and their activation terms.

Photo: Silver Raidla

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