October 26, 2017
26.10.2017 Telema's first customer in Belgium: Grandeco

The leading EDI operator in Baltic states Telema signed a new customer contract with a global wallpaper producer Grandeco, who became the first customer in Belgium for Telema.

„Telema now has customers in 22 countries, which signifies the export potential of EDI and e-invoicing services. Although our main market is in the Baltic states, Telema has won customers in recent years also from other countries,“ commented Telema's CEO Hele Hammer.

Grandeco Wallfashion Group has a wallpaper factory in Belgium, the company is active in more than 80 countries. The best known brands of Grandeco are WallFashion and Deco4Walls.

"Grandeco wallpapers were included in Bauhof's assortment in 2017. We are happy to see our products being popular also in Estonia. As for EDI connection between suppliers and retailers--nowadays this is an elementary requirement for efficient logistics," says Herman Van der Plaetsen, the CFO of Grandeco.

Telema has exchanged more than 10.7 million e-documents during the first 9 months of 2017 and its turnover is 1.7 million euros, representing a 7% growth over the same period last year.

Estonian IT company Telema has been in EDI business since the year 2000. Telema transfers, converts, monitors and processes EDI trade documents such as orders, shipping notices and invoices. There are over 4000 shops and over 1000 suppliers in Telema system. Annually, more than 15 million documents are exchanged, from which 40% are e-invoices.

Majority of Telema clients are from the Baltic states, but there are clients also in Finland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Australia, altogether in 22 countries. Telema has 30 employees.

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